Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1Malaysia Email Account

Each Malaysian citizens above 18 will be given an email account each in order to receive statement bill etc from the government.
Must be a good way to get in touch with the citizen as the government do not know our email account now. How many will actually login to the 1malaysia email when implemented.
Something fun for us to look into

The new Taylormade CB forged iron 2011

This sure a beauty. Targeting the more better players. This club is just the club a Taylormade fan want to put in their bag

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cleveland SL290 driver

Its about time Cleveland to come out with something special in the golf world. This time they really have something that can move the driver market. The Sl290 driver with the Miyazaki Kua shaft the most ultra light shaft of only 43 gm.

SNEAK PEAK 2011, Cleveland Miyazaki ultralite drivers from Games People Play, Inc. (GPPGolf on Vimeo.

I am not a Cleveland fan but that Miyazaki shaft is worth to look to and its not going to cost a bomb but just about USD299 or RM1190 for the Malaysian market. One can easily get 20-25% off the retail price at any outlet. Thats a good deal

Peugeot new Sedan in Malaysia

Peugeot is going to launch a new Sedan in Malaysia next year, code name the T73 which is a C segment car and to compete with the likes of Civic and the Toyota Altis.
Basically it is the Sedan model of the Peugeot 308 hatchback model and not the replacement for the current Peugeot 407.

The model will be launched in early 2012 and produced by Naza Auto in Malaysia. This is something all Peugeot fans in Malaysia would be looking forward to. The price will not be too much different from the current 308 model or the Altis or the Civic, but with the good handling of the french made this is definitely a car that worth to wait for.